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Interested in fostering, but have questions? Beginning October 4th, 2014 Foster Class with Q and A will be offered every Saturday at 10:00am-11:00am. Please rsvp to!

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Volunteering is a great way to do something you're passionate about, offer assistance to those in need, and feel good about what you're doing all at the same time! By volunteering your time and/or services you build solid relationships, help create a stronger community and give animals in need a second chance.

Answers to commonly asked questions:

All volunteers must complete a General Orientation prior to volunteering.

You may volunteer in multiple different positions.

Each person wishing to volunteer should submit an individual application

Fostering requires a separate application. Anyone interested in fostering please also complete a general volunteering application in order to be added to communication systems.

Orientations last about one hour.

When possible we attempt to match volunteer applicants with a shift in their area of interest following Orientation, these times do vary.

You may volunteer at any age.

Volunteers under the age of 16 must also volunteer with their parent or legal guardian.

Volunteers 16 and 17 years of age may volunteer independently of their parent or legal guardian with expressed permission of their parent or legal guardian.

Applications are processed daily Tuesday through Saturday.  Applicants applying on Sunday or Monday will be processed on Tuesday. If you apply and do not get a direct message within 48 hours please check your spam and contact

Orientations are scheduled Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between the hours of 9am and 5pm and Wednesday 11am and 7pm.

Applicants who do not schedule an orientation within 8 weeks of applying will be deleted and would need to reapply.

Positions available for volunteering are listed and can be accessed by clicking on the blue button below.

Midwest Animal Rescue & Services is run primarily on the efforts of dedicated volunteers and we have many, many volunteer opportunities available including:


 VOlunteer Opportunities

Please consider volunteering today! You can make a big difference in the lives of animals and families who are just waiting to connect!

Click here to fill out a Volunteer Application now


Fill out a volunteer application TODAY and someone in Volunteer Services will contact you shortly to set up training with you individually or in small groups.






Call: 612-607-3233





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I volunteered! Will you join me?

by Chad Burgess, Director of Volunteer Services at MARS

I was nervous the first time I signed up to volunteer with an animal rescue, primarily by the thousands of misconceptions that rolled through my head.  I sat back with my partner and said simply, “If it does not feel right we can always stop.” She agreed and away we went. I thought there is no way I will ‘fit’ in, I am not a vegetarian or member of PETA, and we will be the oddballs in the crowd.  See those were two of my misconceptions. My wife and I are both small town kids, raised in the rural environment and just old enough to remember the time when a family farm was a viable option to support a family.


I was born in Missouri, and lived at various times in Kansas and Iowa as well. Although my immediate family did not farm, we were dependent on the success of agribusiness, as well as my entire extended family that farmed or worked in agribusiness.  I was raised to respect and care for all animals, no matter what their status.  Bottle feeding calves when udders failed to milk, and cuddling with companion animals both dog and cat. I even remember my grandfather caring for pet raccoons and skunks when it was discovered their mothers had abandoned them. I believed all animal rescues would despise a person like me, that I had to be vegetarian or better yet vegan, that my heritage of farming would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. I was wrong.


I arrived and discovered a diverse group of people all with various beliefs and backgrounds, who might disagree on many points, but were united as one to end suffering and neglect of dogs and cats, our typical companion animals. I became immersed in a community and extended family, yes we would disagree but we were bonded behind one goal, one purpose to help as many as we can until the optimistic day that we are no longer needed.


I had other misconceptions as well. We, as a society, have shelters and they are able to handle all the animals in need. I would be expected to give up my entire life, my home, and take in and foster every dog or cat that came by. I, as one person, would not be able to see an impact. I was wrong, wrong, and WRONG again.


It has been a number of years since I first stepped into rescue, and now I am privileged and honored that I am able to make it my full time commitment. Now I WANT YOU!  What are your misconceptions? All these animals are broken. Wrong. I am not able to foster and that is all you need. Wrong, although we always need more foster homes.  I can only commit an hour or two a month or volunteer casually, you won’t want me. Wrong again.


There are a number of opportunities here at Midwest Animal Rescue & Services and no time commitment is too small. As the largest rescue in Minnesota we have a number of opportunities in all areas of the rescue, and you will have an impact, you will save lives. 


Need further motivation? Did you know that individuals with community service backgrounds are sought after applicants? Did you know that you will gain valuable experience to put on your resume, for that next career or educational opportunity?


So will you join me? Will you help me in creating a larger community, a volunteer army of sorts, working hard together, all unique individuals united for a single purpose. All hopeful that one day our work will be done.