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Cesar needs your help!

Cesar Face


Tragedy struck when a family’s dog named Cesar was abducted from his fenced yard, tortured and left for dead. He had just been let outside into the yard, his yard, to enjoy the beautiful summer’s day. About 20 minutes after he was let out, he was found in the family’s driveway limping and bleeding. His prognosis is guarded. Vet care is being overseen by Green Vet Services and he is being monitored closely.

Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARS) is taking a stand in this situation because we personally know Cesar and his standing as an ambassador for his breed. He is a pit bull. We have worked directly with him and he has assisted us in rehabilitating dogs. We want to highlight this tragedy and the atrocity of what a human can do to an animal so it does not happen again. He is not a savage as a pit bull is portrayed so often in the media. However, how this breed has been portrayed in the media perpetrates what was done to him simply because of his breed.

This dog was savagely attacked for unknown reason by humans. We can only speculate that because of his breed, he was singled out. He was out in his yard with another of the family’s dogs, a black Labrador Retriever and a Chihuahua mix. The black Lab was with Cesar at the time of the attack and the Chihuahua mix was the one who alerted the family to the situation. The Lab was not touched in any way.

As an advocate for the “Bully” breed , being that Cesar is an ambassador and we have first-hand knowledge and experience with this specific dog as a service dog to MARS, we are committed to the health and welfare of this dog as well as the prosecution of the humans who committed this heinous and violent attack on an animal.

One of the ways that the community and media can help this family and their pet is to contribute to the fund to help with the mounting medical bills to help bring Cesar back home to his family.