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Volunteering is a great way to do something you're passionate about, offer assistance to those in need, and feel good about what you're doing all at the same time! By volunteering your time and/or services you build solid relationships, help create a stronger community and give animals in need a second chance.

Midwest Animal Rescue & Services is run primarily on the efforts of dedicated volunteers and we have many, many volunteer opportunities available.

Please consider volunteering today! You can make a big difference in the lives of animals and families who are just waiting to connect!

All volunteers must complete The questionaire, volunteer waiver and volunteer manual prior to volunteering.

Fill out a volunteer application TODAY and someone in Volunteer Services will contact you shortly to set up training with you individually or in small groups.

Foster Volunteer

Interested in fostering, but have questions? Please reach out to fosteratmars@gmail.com to learn more.

Commonly Asked Questions:
  • Can I only volunteer in one position?  NO, there are multiple opportunities to volunteer.  It has to be based on your on your time commitment.
  • Can I just sign up to volunteer?  Each individual who wishes to volunteer with the MARS Community needs to complete an application.  Click below and get started.
  • What if I only want to Foster?  There is a foster application, and you can also sign up for foster class below.
  • How old do you have to be to volunteer?  Volunteers under the age of 16, need to be with a parent or guardian.
  • What happens if I don't complete the orientation?  If you do not complete the orientation your application will be placed on hold until you are able to.

More Questions?

  • Email: adoptionatmars@gmail.com or volunteeratmars@gmail.com
  • Call: 763-276-9888

Current Volunteer?

Click button to enter and login to report hours and mileage! If you need to change your e-mail preferences please contact volunteeratmars@gmail.com

Why Volunteer?

I have been volunteering and fostering with MARS since June of 2017 and can honestly say the experience has greatly exceeded my expectations. I have found the perfect place to put my longstanding passion for animals into life changing action within the MARS community. It has been not only rewarding for me on a personal level, but absolutely heart-warming to be a part of such an amazing group of people who are so committed and dedicated to the safety and well –being of animals in need. I have made new friends, re-connected with old friends, and always felt welcomed and supported by my MARS family.      Jerri Jo

  A friend introduced me to MARS because she knew I was looking for another dog. She used to foster with them and thought it would be something I would love and she was right. It’s a lot of work but the reward is amazing and so fulfilling. It is hard to say goodbye to your fosters but knowing that YOU personally helped save their lives makes it all worth it. I also wanted to something that gets me out of the house more for the winter so I trained in the adoption center and I absolutely love it! I get to see all the new families meet their new pet for the first time and be a part of the pets finding their happily ever after. I also get to meet and work with the great community of other fosters and volunteers that work with MARS. I have learned so much and this will be something that I will do the rest of my life.  Jeanne

I began volunteering with MARS a little over a year ago. In that year, I have met many wonderful animals and even more wonderful people. I chose MARS with the obvious intent of helping dogs but was pleasantly surprised by all the meaningful human connections as well. Everyone from the staff to the other volunteers are so friendly and dedicated.  I'm at MARS weekly and I love every minute of it!     Lexi