A Well Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!  
by Inga From
MARS Animal Behvior and Training Expert

Why? A trained dog requires fewer restrictions, the more reliable the dog, the more freedom he is given. Training serves to strengthen the bond between a dog and his owner and it builds communication, respect and understanding. Not only will continuing your dog’s manners training help him to become more responsive, but because it enables you to have immediate control over his behavior in an emergency situation which may save his life.

Good training can ultimately save the lives of many dogs. Far fewer dogs would end up in animal shelters/rescues if their owners would simply take the time to train them. Without proper training, many dogs are likely to misbehave and when owners allow their dogs to misbehave, everyone suffers: The owner, because he or she lives with the dog; the dog, because everyone's down on him for misbehaving; the dog's owner's neighbors, because living next to a difficult dog is no one's idea of fun; and ultimately every dog owner, because each incidence where a dog creates a nuisance increases anti-dog sentiment and contributes to the likelihood that tough legal restrictions will be placed on all dogs.

A well-behaved, trained dog is a pleasure to own because he can go virtually anywhere without being a risk or nuisance to others - and don't we all want a dog who exhibits appropriate behavior in a crowd, good manners when we have guests in our home, is reliable around children and doesn't threaten other dogs or people in the community?  The bottom line is that dog training truly benefits everyone.

Remember – there is no one right way for your dog to behave, and there is no one right way to be a dog owner.  You should not have to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your dog – you should be able to feel proud because you see where you have chosen to put in effort, and how that effort has paid off for both you AND your dog.

If you adopted your dog from MARS, then he is a part of our community. It is our goal to continue to make sure he has every possible opportunity for the best life he deserves. We've already screened you and your home to make sure you are a good fit together, now it's your turn to take on the responsibility of making sure your dog does not ever fall back into the rescue system due to poor behavior. Enroll your dog in ongoing training classes today! We offer a varied schedule of different level classes, and all registration fees go toward helping other homeless pets, but we encourage to seek out any training specialist that fits you an your dogs needs.

Inga From, CPDT-KSA, animal behavior and training department head for Minnesota Animal Rescue & Services, specializes in rescue and shelter dogs. She runs the training program at MARS which includes teaching a number of new class offerings designed to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

In 2008, Inga received The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Premier Shelter Staff Award that recognized her positive training methods in behavior and training for her work at the Minnesota Valley Humane Society, where she served as their animal behavior expert for 5 years before the shelter's closing in December of 2010.

Inga is also the owner/trainer of Positive Gun Dogs of Minnesota.